Maximize Your Space with the 2023 Crownwall Catalogue

Maximize Your Space with the 2023 Crownwall Catalogue

Is your garage feeling cluttered? Are you struggling to find a place for everything? Garage Frontiers has the solution: CrownWall. Our 2023 Crownwall Catalogue, now available for you to browse, highlights our innovative storage systems that make garage organization easier and more efficient.

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The CrownWall Difference

The CrownWall PVC slatwall system, is not just about organizing—it’s about optimizing. Each individual slatwall panel connects to the others, offering a seamless and flexible storage system. Different sized reveal panels are available and are compatible with each other, opening a world of possibilities for garage storage.

CrownWall Features

The CrownWall system stands out in the market due to its:

Strength: Despite being lightweight, CrownWall panels are robust, perfectly designed for the demands of a bustling garage.
Moisture Resistance: CrownWall is moisture-resistant, making it suitable for varying climates.
Temperature Resistance: These panels withstand high and low temperatures, ensuring durability.
Strong Construction: The interlocking design guarantees strength and longevity.
Easy and Secure Assembly: The unique design simplifies the installation process, and the secure assembly ensures your items are safely stored.

A Variety of High-Grade Accessories

What’s a great wall system without accessories? Our CrownWall range offers a variety of high-grade steel accessories. Engineered to disperse the workload throughout the wall, these accessories allow you to hang whatever you want, wherever you want.

Explore our range of accessories including hooks, magnetic tool bars, racks, baskets, shelves, bike storage, tire storage, bins, and kits. Each one has been thoughtfully designed to meet a unique storage need, helping you create a truly customized garage.

The 2023 Crownwall Catalogue is your guide to creating a streamlined, functional garage. No matter what you need to store, there’s a place for it with CrownWall. Dive into the catalogue and start planning your optimized garage!

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