We're a Lowe's certified installer

We're a Lowe's certified installer

Did you know Garage Frontiers is a Lowe’s certified installer for the Edmonton area? Here are some details about Lowes professionals.

What You Can Expect from Lowe’s Professional Installers

Fully Screened
When it comes to choosing Installers, no one’s pickier than we are. To even be considered by Lowe’s, Installers must be fully licensed and carry all necessary insurance. That alone might be enough for others, but we go a step further by thoroughly screening everyone we work with. Only those who pass a comprehensive background check and have proven their installation work is of the highest quality are ultimately selected. It’s not easy becoming one of our Installers, and that’s just the way we want it. When a Lowe’s Installer arrives at your home, you can have complete peace of mind.

Manufacturer Trained
There is no margin for error; installations have to be perfect. That’s why our network of manufacturer-partners provide hundreds of additional training opportunities for our Installers. Beyond this ongoing training, our Installers bring their own exceptional craftsmanship to every job. From plumbing to patios, the installers we choose are dedicated tradesmen who take pride in what they do. They’re meticulous professionals who labour over every detail to assure a flawlessly completed project. After all, it’s not just our reputation — it’s theirs, too.

With You From Start to Finish
Your installation job deserves our undivided attention. To ensure a smooth process, we’ll assign your project a Lowe’s Installation Project Management Team. We’ll stay on top of all the details throughout the job, checking in regularly with you to answer any questions and resolve any problems should they arise.

Outstanding Customer Service
Our Installers are as polite and pleasant to deal with as they are professional. They will go out of their way to ensure that your installation causes as little disruption as possible. Throughout the process, they will always be more than happy to address any question or concern you may have. Even if they’re not wearing our Lowe’s red vests, our Installers still represent all the values upon which Lowe’s is built.

Rated By You
After your project is done, you’ll receive a call from us asking about your installation experience — from beginning to end. Your feedback helps us continue to provide the best service to all our customers and ensures that only the finest Installers are part of our team.

Range of Services
From kitchens to bathrooms, flooring to roofing, Lowe’s has the professionals to do your job right. And because we only work with the best Installers in the industry, we’re able to fully guarantee every installation. In fact, we stand behind every professional installation we offer with a full one-year warranty on all finished labour.

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