New Age Cabinet Zones

New Age Cabinet Zones

Build a workstation for projects, store seasonal items and protect your tools, while freeing up real estate for your vehicles. With NewAge cabinets from Garage Frontiers, there are infinite organizational possibilities.

The way we see it, installing cabinetry is the first step towards decluttering your life and realizing the full potential of your home.

Create A More Liveable Garage
The garage has evolved from a cluttered, forgotten dumping ground, into a functional extension of your homes livable space.

As a versatile area used for repairs, playing, working and storage areas, your garage can quickly fill with tools, sports gear and yard equipment, making it difficult to park your car or use the space efficiently.

Installing a versatile storage system that maximizes the available space in your garage allows for an organized, streamlined solution designed to fit your family’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Creating Zones In Your Garage
Designating specific areas to store similar use items will help you stay organized. Whether you’re a DIY master, a gardening enthusiast, or live for sports and outdoor adventure, your hobby has its own equipment and space requirements. By storing your gear efficiently and logically, you can spend less time looking for your belongings, and more time doing what you love.

Here are some zone suggestions:

This zone is ideally located near a Sink Cabinet to help keep messes out of the house. Multi-Use Lockers feature adjustable shelves to efficiently store large items like garden hoses, watering cans, buckets or even a pressure washer. Consider adding a Multi-Function Cabinet for small and medium sized item storage along with its integrated garbage bin.

Keep your equipment, games and sports bags stored in our tall Lockers with adjustable shelf space for grab-and-go accessibility. Slatwall Backsplash with Hook Accessories are a great way to keep balls, gloves and toys available to kids, for a quick and easy clean up.

A gardening zone is a must-have location for anyone with a green thumb. Base Cabinets are the perfect solution for storing your watering can and potting soil, while our Worktops give you plenty of space for seed starting and pruning. Add a Tool Cabinet for a place to store your gardening gloves, trowels, pruners and other garden tools.

Car repairs and maintenance are a breeze with a dedicated automotive zone. Consider adding a Wall Cabinet for a place to put your car cleaning kit. To have all your tools easily accessible, add a Rolling Tool Cabinet or Project Center to provide mobile storage for your wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and additional hardware.

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