Non Slip Stairway Coating

Non Slip Stairway Coating

Not as pretty as some of the garages we do but a very important service for our industrial coating clients. Here is a stairwell done for Alberta Health Services with a non-slip coating. A very important addition on these slippery winter days!

The safety flooring we install is extremely hard wearing, non-slip, easy to clean and anti-bacterial. Our flooring is ideal for, but not limited to, nurseries, hospitals, universities, leisure facilities, kitchens, toilets, schools and the retail and homecare sectors.

Why Safety Flooring from Garage Frontiers?

Because we’re Edmonton, Alberta’s best non-slip flooring Safety Company!

We understand that slip-and-fall injuries can be life altering. Whether you have elderly family members, young children, employees and customers to consider or simply recognize you could seriously injure yourself, slippery floors need to be avoided. Luckily, adding non-slip flooring is one of the easiest ways you can prevent slip and fall injuries in your home or business. We’ve been in the safety flooring industry for over 15 years, so we know our stuff. We are flooring experts, especially when it comes to improving traction on your floors. Trust your safety to our experience and prevent falls before they happen.

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