Winter Sports Storage

Winter Sports Storage

The StoreWALL Slatwall Ski Hook with CamLok™ Technology is a simple, elegantly designed bracket that simply provides for a better way to hang your Downhill & Cross Country Skis, poles, helmets and goggles. This ski hook has been designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to hold your skis and accessories safely & securely without putting any pressure on the ski tips, bindings or brakes.

Use the pre-installed CamLok™ and keep your StoreWALL Slatwall Ski Hook on the wall when you’re removing or stowing your skies, poles and other accessories.

Exclusive CamLok™ Technology

All StoreWALL’s accessories feature our exclusive CamLok™ system to lock your accessories securely into the panels. This chrome plated solid metal CamLok™ gives you the advantage of safety, security and protection. A Simple twist holds the accessory securely in place; another turn and the accessory can be easily moved to a different location on the panel. All our accessories are built to perform with superior construction and the finest materials: Industrial grade steel, heavy duty powder coat finishes and Soft Touch protective rubberized grip will withstand years of use and abuse.

StoreWALL Slatwall Ski Hook is Ideal for Hanging one thing, your Skiing equipment:

Downhill skis, Cross Country Skis, Poles, Helmets, Goggle and even gloves

Unit of Measure
Sold as 1 piece

StoreWALL Slatwall Ski Hook Specifications
10″H x 6″W x 10″D

Load rating: 75 lbs.

StoreWALL Slatwall Ski Hook with CamLok™ Features

Exclusive CamLok™

  • Keeps Accessories Locked in place
  • This is especially nice when your car is parked in close proximity

Heavy Duty Back Plate

  • Engineered tough for the most demanding applications
  • Hang heavy or damp items like hockey equipment and put your mind at ease that they won’t fall off the wall

STW 10 Powder Coat Finish

  • Extra heavy powder coating to resist dings and scratches to protect against rust
  • Rusty hooks are ugly and less likely to get used.

Industrial Grade Steel

  • Engineered strong to hold your most valuable equipment
  • Peace of mind that your valuable items will stay where you hang them and not end up on the floor

Rubberized Grip

  • For extra grip and prevents damage to your items
  • Prevents scratches and protects your items for a long time and

StoreWALL’s 10 year Warranty

  • Performance guaranteed to last 10 years… No Questions Asked!


  • StoreWALL hooks, baskets, accessories & shelves fit and lock into most slatwall products

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