Slatwall Garage Storage

Slatwall Garage Storage

Organize your garage and say hello to your floor!

These heavy duty wall panels are extruded, solid core, rugged and waterproof. An extremely strong and beautiful storage system for demanding, high abuse applications. Perfect for garages, workshops, basements, garden sheds and laundry rooms.

All metal StoreWall storage accessories come equipped with the exclusive CamLok to keep the accessory on the wall, and not on the floor! PVC slatwall panels are a great way to maximize the storage space in your garage. Our versatile slatwall system can be configured to organize tools, cleaning supplies, and sporting equipment – anything that needs to be put away can be stored on the wall.

Ask anyone in the storage business and they will tell you straight up, StoreWall slatwall storage solutions are the best products available on the continent, Strong durable, easy to install panels carry higher load capacities than any of our competitors, giving you peace of mind that you valuable items will not be on the floor, or worse, on the hood of your car the next time you venture out into the garage, We have developed hooks that meet the needs of everyday Canadians because we use our garages too, and we know what other Canadians need in their homes and storage spaces. All the StoreWall accessories come with the exclusive CamLok systems to lock your accessories securely into the panels. This Chrome plated solid metal CamLok gives you the advantage of safety, security and protection. A simple twist holds the accessory securely in place, offering superior performance. We have all used peg boards in the past and there is nothing more frustrating than removing an item from the wall, only to have the beg board accessory come off the wall with your item!


  • Strong: constructed to hold your heaviest items
  • Durable: waterproof thermoplastic won’t weather, scratch or fade
  • Safe: exclusive CamLok™ technology secures items to wall
  • Efficient: wall-mounted system frees up valuable floor space
  • Easy to clean: simply wipe it down or hose it off
  • Flexible: modular parts are available in multiple finishes
  • Simple to install: our three-step process makes it a breeze

During installation, Garage Frontiers will customize the Slatwall panels to allow for all electrical plugs, and switches to remain accessible. Our professional installers adjust the panels to allow for any deviation in slope of ceilings and floors to ensure a finished appearance is achieved.

Finishing touches include colour matched screws and trim for ends, corners, and any gaps between panels. The end result is a dramatic blank canvas ready for over 40 different types of hooks, clips, baskets and shelves.

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