Revolutionizing Garage Storage: Discover the ONRAX Ascension Series

Revolutionizing Garage Storage: Discover the ONRAX Ascension Series

Finding effective and efficient ways to organize and store items in your garage can be a significant challenge. Often, the quest for garage storage solutions leads us to products that are either too cumbersome or lack the level of functionality we need. Garage Frontiers is delighted to share our recent project featuring the installation of three motorized storage racks from ONRAX’s Ascension Series, offering our customers a brilliant solution to their garage storage needs.

Imagine a storage system that provides the benefits of overhead storage without the need to clamber up and down a ladder. Introducing the ONRAX Ascension series: a motorized, retractable storage lift designed with convenience and ease of use at its core. At the touch of a button, the platform can be lowered, allowing you to comfortably load or unload your items. Once done, you simply return the platform to the ceiling, making it an incredibly space-efficient solution.

One of the main features of the ONRAX Ascension Series is its wall-mounted control box equipped with a keyed lockout. Plus, for even greater ease, wireless remote control units are now available! The system boasts a robust 400-pound capacity, ensuring that you can store a variety of items without worrying about weight limits. Made from powder-coated steel, the frame, decking, and mounting brackets ensure durability, while the super duty seat belt webbing guarantees stability, with an impressive 1500 pound break strength per corner.

For safety, the platform has real netting on all four sides and is designed to lower all the way to the floor. It can be stopped at any level, providing flexibility for users of different heights or physical abilities. The system accommodates ceilings up to 16 feet and requires a minimum of 29″ clearance. Moreover, its four-point lift system ensures platform stability, making it an optimal choice for anyone seeking a reliable and easy-to-use garage storage solution.

Unique to the ONRAX Ascension series is its use of seat belt webbing to raise and lower the platform. This ingenious design ensures that the platform can rest on the ground for effortless loading and unloading, while also allowing for smooth transitions when being raised. This thoughtful design feature prevents sudden jumps that can occur from cables spooling unevenly, contributing to a seamless operation.

Equally impressive is the system’s power source: a 1.33 hp motor that runs on standard household power, drawing approximately 9 amps. The motorized storage racks can be plugged into outlets typically used for garage door openers, or any standard outlet, offering versatile and convenient setup options.

Our recent project proudly showcases this excellent storage solution, highlighting its potential to dramatically improve the functionality of your garage. We’re thrilled to have partnered with ONRAX, a company equally committed to providing innovative and high-quality storage solutions. The Ascension series motorized storage racks are game-changers, providing a perfect blend of convenience, capacity, safety, and stability.

In conclusion, the Ascension series from ONRAX revolutionizes the way we think about and use garage storage. It offers a blend of form and function that few other storage solutions can match, allowing homeowners to reclaim their garage space with ease and efficiency. For a hassle-free, sophisticated, and reliable storage solution, consider upgrading your garage with the ONRAX Ascension Series. It’s time to elevate your storage game.

Your garage can be more than just a place to park your car—it can be an organized, accessible space that works for you. Trust Garage Frontiers to transform your garage into a functional, orderly area that caters to all your storage needs. Because with the right solutions, every frontier is within reach.

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