Red on Black Garage Design

Red on Black Garage Design

Black and red are used to dramatic effect in this recently complete garage project! Red cabinets on black walls are the foundation for the design. Black slatwall storage with red detail ties the cabinets and walls together, while the addition of red fleck in the epoxy coating ties in the flooring. Metal footing trim works perfect with the metal hardware on the cabinets. This garage renovation is sure to turn heads for years to come!

Garage Frontiers offers an exceptional line of residential floor coatings engineered to produce superior results through a proven application system. We offer coating solutions for whatever your project demands that are quick and easy to apply.

Wood storage cabinets will change your garage, basement or work shop in a matter of hours. Garage storage cabinets allow you to organize the clutter in your garage and store it out of the way. Wood garage cabinets are easy to work with and will re-vitalize the way you use your garage. Having a clean and well organized place to work increases the usage of any space.

Although our cabinets are very inexpensive, the quality of our box construction and finishes is demonstrably better than what you will find in most low-price cabinets. We invite you to compare our quality and prices with Home Depot, Rona, Lowes, Ikea or any other big box bargain store.

During installation, Garage Frontiers will customize any Slatwall panels to allow for all electrical plugs and switches to remain accessible. Our professional installers adjust the panels to allow for any deviation in slope of ceilings and floors to ensure a finished appearance is achieved.

Finishing touches include colour matched screws and trim for ends, corners, and any gaps between panels. The end result is a dramatic blank canvas ready for over 40 different types of hooks, clips, baskets and shelves.

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