New: Slatwall Hockey Stick Holder

New: Slatwall Hockey Stick Holder

New from StoreWALL Canada, a Slatwall Hockey Stick Holder designed specifically for hockey enthusiasts and families with kids. As Canadians, hockey is ingrained in our DNA, however storing stinky hockey gear and sticks has always been a challenge… until now. 

Hockey sticks are specifically hard to put away in a tidy and convenient fashion. StoreWALL Canada has developed a simple but very effective bracket, that fits nicely into our Light, Standard and Heavy Duty slatwall panels. Your Sticks will simply click into the bracket and you won’t be tripping over them any longer. You won’t need to prop them up in the corner or behind a door, you can hang them anyplace on your slatwall a walk away with confidence that they won’t find their way scraping down the side of your car.

StoreWALL Slatwall Hockey Stick Holder is ideal for the following:

  • Standard Hockey Sticks
  • Method: Blade Down (recommended), or blade up
  • Accommodates: Right and Left Curve
  • Size: SR Sticks only at this time (Jr. sticks can be adapted)

Available configurations:

  • 1 hockey Stick
  • 2 hockey sticks
  • 4 hockey sticks
  • 6 hockey sticks

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