New from StoreWALL: Adjustable Tire Rack

New from StoreWALL: Adjustable Tire Rack

The Adjustable tire rack features easy assembly & installation for safe, secure tire storage for all seasons. Why pay a shop to store your tire season after season? Have you always thought it would be convenient have your tires at home, well now you can. Having access to your tires 24/7 provides the flexibility to changeover your tires when it’s convenient for you which makes life simple. Why put yourself on someone else’s schedule? With your tires at home, you control your timeline and you keep control.

Worried about rust? Don’t be. All the racks come with a classic silver vein powder coating with a slight texture which makes for a clean, classic look.

Do you need adjustment for different tire sizes? We have you covered. The rack comes with pre-drilled holes on 2.5″ increments so it will accept tires from 19″ up to 34″.

Adjustable Tire Rack Specifications:

  • Capacity: 4 Mounted Tires
  • Dimensions: 24″ tall by 54″ wide by 24″ – 32″ deep
  • Inside Width: 47.75″
  • Tire Rack Weight: 35 pounds
  • Colour: Silver Vein
  • Hardware: Assembly and Installation hardware included

NOTE: The StoreWALL Adjustable Tire Rack is NOT intended to be hung on slatwall panel of any kind. They must be mounted directly and securely to your garage framing. 

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