Maximize Your Space with CrownWall Panels

Maximize Your Space with CrownWall Panels

A well-organized space is key to maintaining efficiency and peace of mind in your home or workspace. Garage Frontiers, a Garage Royalty authorized distributor, is here to help you take your organization game to the next level with CrownWall panels. These innovative wall storage panel systems offer unparalleled versatility and style, making them the perfect solution for transforming your garage, shed, laundry room, and beyond into functional, clutter-free spaces.

CrownWall Panels: The Ultimate in Wall Storage Systems

CrownWall panels are not just any wall storage panel system. They’re the epitome of style, strength, and versatility. With Garage Royalty’s commitment to superior quality, you can trust that these panels will stand the test of time. They can be installed as a track, a section, or to cover an entire wall, either over drywall or directly onto studs. The CrownWall Dual 3″ Panel is a unique option that doubles your storage capabilities, thanks to its double 3″ slat design.

Experience the CrownWall Difference

What sets CrownWall panels apart from the competition? They offer:

  • Faster installation time
  • Patented screw placement supporting 100lbs per sqft
  • Rigid PVC for extreme cold climate resistance
  • Full back panels to prevent warping
  • 6” designer panels
  • Smart trim for easy corner installation
  • Hidden screws for a clean appearance
  • Universal accessory slot for standard accessories
  • Patented locking feature for level installation
  • Cavity for airflow and wiring space
  • Flame resistance
  • Non-toxic material
  • 100% recyclability
  • Made in Canada
  • Lifetime warranty

Innovative Storage and Organization Solutions

CrownWall panels are perfect for storing and organizing almost anything in your space, from bikes and hand tools to clothing and storage bins. Our heavy-duty accessories are specifically designed for a wide range of items, making it easy for you to customize your space to your needs.

Say Goodbye to Clutter with CrownWall Panels

It’s time to cut the clutter and transform your space with the strongest and most stylish slatwall on the market. CrownWall panels allow you to reclaim valuable square footage by maximizing usable wall space to fit your unique needs. The modular design means no space is too great or too small, and you can easily cut the panels to any desired length or change your configuration at any time.

Upgrade Your Space with CrownWall Panels Today

There’s never been a better time to take control of your space and make it work for you. With CrownWall panels from Garage Frontiers, you can create an organized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment that will serve you well for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about how CrownWall panels can transform your space!

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