CrownWall Pro Walls

CrownWall Pro Walls

Did you know that you can use CrownWall Pro panels to cover an entire wall? In the following photos, you can see our Garage Frontier crew installing the panels, as well as the finished product. Not only does it look great, but it also provides the option for unlimited storage options. Additionally, this garage renovation included the addition of an epoxy floor with a touch of red flake for added colour.

CrownWall Pro panel installation options

CrownWall Pro panels can be used as an interior finish on walls, and can be installed as a track, a section, or to cover an entire wall. They can be installed over drywall or directly onto studs. The CrownWall Dual 3″ Panel is a unique option that allows you to utilize your wall space to its full potential, with a double 3″ slat design that allows you to double the amount of accessories and storage options. This panel can be used from floor to ceiling, or in combination with other CrownWall panels in 6″, 8″, or 12″ sizes. It is also compatible with all CrownWall accessories.

Garage Frontiers is a Garage Royalty authorized distributor! Garage Royalty products are of superior quality featuring sturdy construction and enduring beauty in all their product lines including flooring, cabinets, and storage products. They offer a complete line of quality products for various styles and budgets.

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