Barn Wood Wall Panels from StoreWALL

Barn Wood Wall Panels from StoreWALL

This garage renovation features heavy-duty panels from floor to ceiling for a sleek, high-end appearance and ample functionality. The StoreWALL range of accessories allows for a wide variety of extra storage options. The tire storage in this garage is conveniently located next to the landing, keeping it easily accessible while out of the way. The grey flake epoxy floor coating extends up to the bottom of the wall panels, completing the modern look.

Grey Barn Wood finish from StoreWALL’s heavy duty panel lineup

StoreWALL’s HD Barn Wood Panel is suitable for a variety of spaces, including garages, mechanical rooms, work stations, pantries, walk-in closets, storage rooms, sheds, offices, and retail displays. These panels are known for their strength and durability, making them ideal for demanding applications. The PVC plastic design is easy to clean and maintains its appearance over time. These panels can be installed on any wall surface, thanks to the patented 12-inch profile that adds both strength and versatility.

StoreWALL also offers innovative accessories with a Cam Lok security system that securely holds items in place. These accessories make garage organization a breeze, allowing you to store and easily access items like extension cords, hoses, sports equipment, and watercraft equipment. With StoreWALL, you’ll be able to maximize your storage space and achieve new levels of organization.

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