Raising the Bar: Garage Condo Renovation

Raising the Bar: Garage Condo Renovation

This garage renovation project features a cohesive blue theme, creating an appealing environment that complements a passion for cars. Every detail, from the floors to the cabinets, has been meticulously chosen to achieve a unified and stylish look.

Epoxy Flake Flooring

At the core of this renovation is the durable epoxy flake floor coating. The flooring boasts blue flake highlights, unifying the look while providing easy maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Blue Lift

This garage condo features a unique lift with a blue finish to compliment the overall look. Lifts are available in 2 sizes to accommodate various vehicle dimensions and designed to be easy to use and maintain. Lifts are movable within the garage by way of a simple removable caster system.

SMRT Cabinets

Customizable and Functional: Our locally made SMRT Cabinets are used throughout this garage renovation. Designed with customization in mind, these cabinets offer versatility in colour and style combinations, allowing you to create storage solutions that suit your preferences and needs.

In this project, we’ve seamlessly integrated the SMRT Cabinets into the garage’s design. Their adaptability allows for easy customization, ensuring optimal storage capacity and organization.

Built to withstand the demands of a garage environment, the SMRT Cabinets feature resilient hardware, full-swing door hinges, and adjustable shelving. These cabinets provide easy access to your belongings while offering ample storage space, keeping your garage tidy and well-organized.

Value and Convenience: Choosing our SMRT Cabinets offers exceptional value. As they are locally manufactured in Edmonton, you benefit from direct access to the source, reducing unnecessary costs and transportation expenses. This approach allows for efficient communication, increased customization options, and a streamlined installation and service process.

With its cohesive blue theme, durable epoxy flake flooring, and customizable SMRT Cabinets, this project combines style and functionality seamlessly. Let Garage Frontiers help you transform your garage into an impressive space that reflects your preferences.

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