Quality parking mats: made in Canada

Quality parking mats: made in Canada

Parking mats will contain all the snow melt from your vehicle while protecting your concrete garage floor surface from corrosion and spalling. Garage Frontiers carries a high quality line of Canadian made mats out of Manitoba.

The road salt and chemicals used on the winter roads are what eventually damages the concrete surface in your garage. The investment in the BEST garage mat today will protect your floor for tomorrow.

Parking mats are designed for flexibility and true functionality with ease of cleaning. Our mat offers you the choice to have a full 4-sided containment with no chance for leakage, or 3-sided containment, where the open end that is perpendicular to the garage door, has no foam edge inserted, allowing all liquids to drain outside your garage.

  • Heavy Duty Fabric – We use the heaviest and most durable fabric on the market to handle Canada’s toughest conditions
  • Cleaning Made Easy – Wipe down your containment mat in a matter of minutes with this easy-to-use squeegee head, included in every order
  • Protects residential garage floors against chemicals, grease, oil, mud, dirt, water, snow, salt and slush

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