Garage Floor Decals

Garage Floor Decals

Make a bold design statement with personalized logos and other unique graphics. Few flooring surfaces can be customized in this manner and only concrete offers so many options for doing so!

Flooring treatments for garage floors are becoming increasingly popular. As concrete constantly releases “dust”, it is often difficult to maintain a clean garage. By utilizing flooring treatments by Garage Frontiers, you will not only be providing a cleaner & aesthetically pleasing floor, but also help to protect your concrete from degradation due to wear and tear. There are many options available including several industrial grade coating systems as well as rugged tile systems designed for garages and workshops. We can help with the right system for you from design to execution.

superior abrasion and impact resistance long lasting, extremely durable exceptional colour retention minimum down time
cost effectiveness thousands of colours to choose from quick and easy application flexible cure times corporate logos and team emblems non-slip coatings environmentally friendly and VOC compliant.

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