Garage floor cleanup and coating

Garage floor cleanup and coating

Here is an example of a garage with a slab that was starting to stain and discolour. A simple cleanup, then coating and sealing the slab and footings makes all the difference. Primer on the walls and stairs completes the transformation from old to new!

Over time, concrete surfaces can become discoloured and may deteriorate. Garage Frontiers’ trained technicians will apply an industrial strength sealer giving the surface stain and abrasion resistance and will offer UV stability to keep your chosen colour looking like new for years.

Do have deteriorating concrete? Whether it is a flaking driveway or a garage slab with extensive water and weather damage, our team is well versed in identifying the causes of concrete deterioration. As every situation is unique, our trained technicians are skilled in multiple repair techniques and experienced with the industry’s leading repair materials.

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