The Modern Garage Redefined: SMRT Cabinets

The Modern Garage Redefined: SMRT Cabinets

Modern Functionality in Your Garage

The heart of a modern, high-end garage lies in its balance of aesthetics and utility. Our recent garage renovation showcases this blend with the installation of contrasting light and dark grey SMRT Cabinets. These cabinets are not just visually appealing but also highly functional, featuring a long worktop and an innovative shop towel dispenser.

Craftsmanship and Durability

In a garage, durability is as crucial as design. SMRT Cabinets are crafted to withstand the demands of the garage environment. They are equipped with sturdy hardware, adjustable shelving, and full-swing door hinges, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. The 110-degree soft-close concealed hinges enhance safety and tranquility, while full-extension runners in drawers make accessing tools effortless.

Local Craftsmanship Meets Global Standards

Proudly made in Edmonton, Alberta, SMRT Cabinets reflect a commitment to local craftsmanship and global quality standards. This choice supports the community and offers significant customization possibilities. Available in various colours and styles, these cabinets meet both aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

A Personalized Solution for Every Garage

Every garage tells a different story and has unique needs. Our SMRT Cabinets are designed to adapt to these individual narratives, offering more than just storage. They provide a personalized solution that transforms your garage into a space that’s both efficient and visually pleasing.

Elevating Garage Aesthetics and Functionality

At Garage Frontiers, we are dedicated to changing how you view and use your garage space. The adaptability, quality, and style of the SMRT Cabinet line help homeowners create a garage that’s not only functional but also visually appealing. Beyond standard fixtures, SMRT Cabinets open up new possibilities for your garage space.

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