Preparing for a Garage Renovation

Preparing for a Garage Renovation

Below is a great checklist from NewAge Cabinets on getting your garage renovation going.

Think About Your Needs
Understanding the problem areas of your garage is the first step to solving the issues that cause you frustration. Is your garage floor cluttered with bins and large items, preventing you from fully utilizing the space? Maybe you’re missing a Worktop for completing projects, or your tools constantly go missing. 

Checklist For Preparing Your Garage 

Purge your Space: 

  • Decide what should be kept or thrown away 
  • Organize your kept items into categories 
  • Donate or sell items that you no longer need 
  • Properly dispose of waste and hazardous materials 

Cleaning and Repair: 

  • Vacuum or sweep floor of debris 
  • Clean floor oil stains with detergent, rinse and let dry 
  • Patch any holes in walls or cracks in floor while the garage is empty 
  • A quick paint job can freshen up your space 

Make a Storage Plan: 

  • Draw a rough floor plan including obstructions 
  • Mark where you plan to put categorized items 
  • Keep floor plan for future use, to quickly locate your belongings 

Understand Your Usage: 

  • Take preliminary measurements to understand how much space you have to use 
  • Note any large items you will need to save space for (car, boat, ATV, lawn mower) 
  • Visualize how you will use your garage 

What’s Your Problem? 

Write down 3 goals for your garage space. These will help you figure out which organization solutions will solve your problems 

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