Garage Storage Options

Garage Storage Options

Shown here are a number of garage storage options. From overhead racks, cabinets manufactured here in Edmonton, Alberta, to various wall panel systems. The options are endless and Garage Frontiers can help you choose the best options for your dream garage.

SMRT Modular Wood Garage Storage Cabinets, Shelves & Drawers.

Garage Frontiers offers a fully assembled line of garage cabinets with over a dozen colours to choose from in just 10 days.

Although our cabinets are very inexpensive, the quality of our box construction and finishes is demonstrably better than what you will find in most low-price cabinets. We invite you to compare our quality and prices with Home Depot, Rona, Lowes, Ikea or any other big box bargain store.

Our customers often ask us how it is possible for Garage Frontiers to offer such a huge selection of high quality cabinetry so quickly and cheaply. The answer is simple enough: we can offer such outstanding value because our cabinetmakers build and finish your cupboards right here in Edmonton. And because you are buying your cupboards factory direct, there is no middleman, no retail mark up, no transportation costs and less administration. Besides supporting the Alberta economy, local manufacture also means easier communication, customization possibilities and quicker more convenient installation and service.

It’s easy to say we build the best cabinets in Canada, but we’re more than willing to back that claim up with hard facts. Over the years, we’ve conducted research and sought client feedback regarding quality. This continues to be our business model—to manufacture and finish our cabinets and accessories to the highest quality standards attainable.

Wall Panel Storage

Garage Frontiers is proud to offer both HandiWall and storeWALL wall paneling systems. These heavy duty wall panels are extruded, solid core, rugged and waterproof. An extremely strong and beautiful storage system for demanding, high abuse applications. Perfect for garages, workshops, basements, garden sheds and laundry rooms.

Keep the garage clean by hanging everything from power tools to rakes onto the panel system. When it gets dirty, spray it down with a hose as these systems are impervious to water and the unique profile prevents water from pooling at the bottom of the slat. From hooks to bins, each accessory will keep you organized and on the go.

All metal storeWALL storage accessories come equipped with the exclusive CamLok to keep the accessory on the wall, and not on the floor! PVC slatwall panels are a great way to maximize the storage space in your garage. Our versatile slatwall system can be configured to organize tools, cleaning supplies, and sporting equipment – anything that needs to be put away can be stored on the wall.

Our accessories offer a complete range of storage solutions. Everything from shelves, hooks, baskets and brackets.

To learn more call 780.463.2802 or feel free to send us an email.