Garage Plumbing Installation and Finishing

Garage Plumbing Installation and Finishing

We’re increasingly asked about handling the plumbing installation as well as the finishes. No problem! Garage Frontiers is happy to make it happen. Here are some examples to generate some ideas!

We offer this fully assembled line of garage cabinets with over a dozen colours to choose from to you in just 10 days. Although our cabinets are very inexpensive, the quality of our box construction and finishes is demonstrably better than what you will find in most low-price cabinets. We invite you to compare our quality and prices with Home Depot, Rona, Lowes, Ikea or any other big box bargain store.

Our customers often ask us how it is possible for Garage Frontiers to offer such a huge selection of high quality cabinetry so quickly and cheaply. The answer is simple enough: we can offer such outstanding value because our cabinetmakers build and finish your cabinets right here in Edmonton. And because you are buying your cabinets factory direct, there is no middleman, no retail mark up, no transportation costs and less administration. Besides supporting the Alberta economy, local manufacture also means easier communication, customization possibilities and quicker more convenient installation and service.

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