Garage Cabinets Edmonton

Garage Cabinets Edmonton

Garage Frontiers offers three lines of garage cabinets:

SMRT Cabinets | Contur Cabinets | New Age Cabinets

Our SMRT Cabinets are made right here in Edmonton: they are easy to customize and quick to manufacture.

SMRT are wood storage cabinets and can change your garage, basement or work shop in a matter of hours. SMRT garage cabinets allow you to organize the clutter in your garage and store it out of the way. Our garage cabinets are easy to work with and will re-vitalize the way you use your garage. Having a clean and well organized place to work increases the usage of any space.

Garage Cabinet Features

  • Locally made cabinet options
  • Stylish solutions for organization
  • Uncompromising, resilient hardware
  • Wall storage that can grow with your changing needs
  • Mix, match and stackable cabinet solutions
  • With the right storage solution, your garage can become an extension of your home and the perfect place for your favorite activities.
  • Uniform cabinetry gives you flexibility and the freedom to interchange shelves and storage
  • Cabinets can be locked for safe storage
  • Full-extension drawer glides give you easy access space for tools and materials
  • Durable workbench options
  • Many colours & logos are available
  • Counter top options include stainless steel, concrete and butcher block

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