Condo Garage Renovation

Condo Garage Renovation

This condo garage renovation boasts an array of innovative storage options. One of the standout features is the wall panel storage, which is equipped with various accessories to accommodate tools, bikes, golf bags, and baskets. This ensures that items are kept out of the way, yet easily accessible. Additionally, the renovation includes two overhead rack systems that provide heavy-duty storage options. The showpiece of the renovation is the racedeck flooring, which features a bold and striking red and grey checkered pattern. This not only adds visual appeal to the space, but it also provides a durable and easy to clean surface.

The Benefits of RaceDeck flooring:

  • Customizable patterns with many colours and styles to choose from
  • Slip resistant, superior abrasion and impact resistance
  • Long lasting, extremely durable
  • Installed in less than one day
  • Engineered to withstand mechanical environments
  • Not affected by petroleum products
  • Full-Suspension Flooring1 provides great anti-fatigue and insulation barrier
  • Engineered to handle extreme roll capacities. Will support floor jacks, tool boxes and jack stands
  • Trim edging easily snaps into floor to create a smooth transition
  • 10 year limited warranty

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