Spring is driveway season!

Spring is driveway season!

Now that the snow is nearly gone you can take a look and see how mother nature has treated your driveway over the winter months.

You might need a repair, want a fresh new look, or need to protect your property from the effects of calcium chloride (what the city uses to treat icy roads).

Concrete Repairs
For over a decade, we have made concrete repairs an integral part of preparation for floor coatings. During that time, we have worked with industry leaders to understand the nature of concrete failures and the best methods and products available to affect repairs that last!

Do have deteriorating concrete? Whether it is a flaking driveway or a garage slab with extensive water and weather damage, our team is well versed in identifying the causes of concrete deterioration. As every situation is unique, our trained technicians are skilled in multiple repair techniques and experienced with the industry’s leading repair material

Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete has an amazing look and texture adding a uniqueness to any property. Over time, the surface can become discolored and may deteriorate. Garage Frontiers trained technicians will apply an industrial strength sealer giving the surface stain and abrasion resistance and will offer UV stability to keep the color looking like new for years.

If a color refresh is what your stamped concrete needs, we will work with you to select a stunning color and apply a durable, industrial grade coating before sealing it in with a high gloss protective clearcoat.

Exposed Aggregate
Exposed aggregate surfaces are beautiful and unique. To keep the surface protected against water, weather and general wear and tear, it is critical to use the right sealer. Garage Frontiers trained technicians use only industrial grade concrete sealers which will offer long lasting surface protection and bond beneath the surface to help fortify the structure. Making this investment choice will limit possible deterioration and keep your exposed aggregate looking stunning for years!

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