Understanding Deck Coatings with Garage Frontiers

Understanding Deck Coatings with Garage Frontiers

Decks are practical features for many homeowners. They extend living spaces, provide outdoor areas for relaxation, and often come with the responsibility of maintenance. With the ever-changing weather conditions and constant usage, a deck’s surface can wear out, leading to the need for effective protective solutions. This is where Garage Frontiers’ deck coatings come into play.

What Makes Our Deck Coatings Stand Out?

Shown here is a recently installed membrane deck coating. The light grey base with black flecks is a straightforward finish designed for homeowners who prefer a clean and modern look.

But the coatings are not just about aesthetics. Here’s what they bring to the table:

  1. Chemical Resistance: For those with pool decks, the exposure to various chemicals is a real concern. The coatings from Garage Frontiers are developed to handle these conditions. Once applied, they form a hard, non-porous surface that doesn’t react adversely to pool chemicals or pH changes
  2. Ease of Cleaning: The unique texture of the coating simplifies the cleaning process. It remains resistant to stains and can be cleaned with minimal effort.
  3. Protection from UV & Wear: Direct sunlight can be harsh on deck surfaces. Garage Frontiers’ deck coatings offer a level of UV resistance, reducing the risk of early fading. In addition, the coatings are designed to withstand regular use without showing signs of wear.
  4. Suitability for Different Environments: Whether your deck is near fresh or saltwater, these coatings are versatile enough to handle both conditions, including chlorinated settings.

Deck Waterproofing and Membrane Application

Beyond coating, Garage Frontiers recognizes the need for specialized care for decks that face water-related issues. To address this, we offer waterproofing and membrane application services, ensuring added protection against potential water damage.

A Closer Look at Deck Coatings

For many homeowners, a deck is more than just an additional feature; it’s an investment in their property. Garage Frontiers understands this perspective. Our deck coatings are a reflection of this understanding, providing homeowners with a reliable solution to protect their investment.
If you’re considering deck maintenance or simply looking for a lasting protective solution, it’s worth exploring what Garage Frontiers offers. Our approach to deck coatings combines functionality with a modern aesthetic, catering to the practical needs of today’s homeowners.

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