The Impact of Basic Floor Coating

The Impact of Basic Floor Coating

Think a basic floor coating can’t make a significant difference to your garage? Think again. We often focus on our high-end epoxy and metallic coatings, but as our recent before and after photos show, even a simple floor coating can greatly improve your garage’s appearance and functionality.

The Process

Our method for floor coatings is simple and efficient. We first repair any cracks, chips, or holes in your concrete. Then, we grind the surface to a smooth finish to ensure the coating adheres properly. Lastly, we apply a durable coating that will protect your floor from spills, stains, and wear and tear.

Rest assured, we can apply our coatings to both new and existing floors regardless of their condition. Whether your garage is fresh from construction or has seen better days, we have the skills to rejuvenate it.

Our Expertise and Experience

For over two decades, Garage Frontiers has been a trusted name in shop floor coatings and storage solutions in Edmonton. Our team is led by a NACE Inspector with nearly 20 years of experience. This wealth of expertise and experience has made us a preferred choice for many leading repair shops, mechanics, and garages in the area.

Garage Floor and Concrete Coatings

Concrete floors aren’t just practical—they can also be visually impressive when personalized with logos and other unique graphics. We offer an extensive range of residential and commercial floor coatings, specifically designed to deliver superior results through a proven application system.

Our coatings offer high abrasion and impact resistance, long-lasting durability, and exceptional colour retention. They are cost-effective, require minimal downtime, and are available in thousands of colours. Plus, we provide options for corporate logos, team emblems, and environmentally-friendly, CFIA and VOC compliant choices, ensuring a tailored solution for any garage floor.

Beyond Floor Coatings

Our epoxy floor coating, renowned for its industrial-strength durability against heavy traffic, spills, and UV rays, is one of our most sought-after products. However, our services extend beyond just coatings. We also offer rejuvenation services for shop floors that have worn out over time.

At Garage Frontiers, our goal is to offer a comprehensive solution that meets your specific needs, whether you have a small residential garage or a large commercial facility. We aim to make your garage floor not just an afterthought, but a highlight of the space. Contact us if you’re ready for your garage to experience this transformation.

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