NEW! Athletic and Gym Flooring

NEW! Athletic and Gym Flooring

Garage Frontiers now carries rubber and gym flooring from Perfect Surfaces! We’re ready to outfit anything from the ultimate home gym to the local playground.

Made primarily from premium recycled rubber and other environmentally friendly compounds that are designed specifically for high traffic or high abuse areas in all types of commercial, industrial, residential, and recreational settings.

From fitness and recreational flooring (i.e. gym flooring, outdoor athletic, playground surfaces), to commercial and residential flooring (i.e. garage, basement floors, shopping mall tiles), to agriculture and industrial flooring (i.e. barns, stables, factories, manufacturing plants).

PlaySafe Surfaces

Providing safe and durable surfaces for gymnastics and combat sports, as well as indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Designed for high-traffic and high-impact areas, PlaySafe products cushion dangerous falls to reduce injury, while many also comply with stringent ASTM requirements for fall safety and performance. Applications include, but are not limited to: Daycares, schools, fun parks, playgrounds, martial arts, wrestling, gymnastics, studios, climbing walls and much more.

Athletic and Gym Flooring

The ideal surface for any project offering resilience, sound absorption, spike resistance, traction, and cushion all in one product. Providing recreational and athletic facilities with a wide range of durable, safe, and versatile surfacing options. Using only the highest quality synthetic, recycled rubber and other resilient materials, The perfect surface for any project requiring resiliency, sound absorption, skate/spike resistance, traction, and cushion. Applications include, but are not limited to: Ice rinks, weight rooms, gymnasiums, sport courts, fitness facilities, yoga studios and much more.

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