Commercial Garage Floor Coating

Commercial Garage Floor Coating

Garage Frontiers can handle the increased demands of retail, commercial and industrial floor coatings.

Showcased here is Lube City in Sherwood Park. Lots of cleaning and prep work happened before the coating was applied!

Garage Frontiers is the first choice of many premiere repair shops, mechanics, and garages just like yours. For nearly 18 years we’ve been working with people in and around the City of Edmonton, providing shop floor coatings and storage solutions.

Our products can be applied on new or existing floors regardless of their condition. Our team is led by a NACE Inspector with nearly 2 decades of experience in rejuvenating shop floors. We also offer a wide range of storage products including, shelving, cabinets, and slatwall. Let us help you get a shop you will be proud to show your customers.

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