Vehicle and Car Lifts for your Garage

Vehicle and Car Lifts for your Garage

The 4 post automotive lift is a mainstay of vehicle service and storage, used widely across the automotive industry and in home garages across the world. It’s quite possibly the most common type of automotive lift out there, so we’ve naturally taken a lot of care to select and sell the best-quality models at a price that’s right for anyone who is as committed to quality as we are.

Garage Vehicle Lift Applications
Chances are good that if you’ve ever been to an automotive repair shop, a car showroom, or even an advanced home garage, you’ve seen a 4 post automotive lift. Car mechanics love them because they have high lift capacities, engage at the vehicle’s wheels for an excellent grip, and give full access to the underside of many different vehicle types. Hobbyists love them because they’re sturdy enough to keep their favorite vehicles safe from damage, and some don’t even need to be mounted to the floor, making disassembly during a move no problem at all.

The Variety You Want
What kind of load capacity is required by the vehicles that you’re working on or storing? Will the lift need to be permanently mounted at your professional auto shop, or do you have a home garage and want to keep things flexible with a non-mounted model? Depending on the types of cars you’re storing, you might require greater clearance on the underside. 

The Stability You Need
How common 4 post lifts are is a testament not only to their diverse range of applications but also to their sheer strength and reliability. Four columns and a powerful hydraulic system add up to a level of sturdiness that few other lift types can rival. The Pro King 14/4, from Lift King, boasts a lifting capacity of 14,000 pounds, significantly expanding the possibilities in terms of what you can store or do your repair work on. When you’ve purchased your lift from Garage Frontiers, it’s a given that it will hold up to use for a long time. Your cars and clients deserve nothing less!

We pride ourselves in having an eye for quality when selecting our lifts, but it doesn’t stop there. Purchasing a lift shouldn’t be a frustrating process, it should involve everything from a solid warranty to excellent overall service from a helpful team. We’re committed to providing that kind of experience, so feel free to ask us any questions you have when choosing your 4 post lift!

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