Elevate Your Garage with Lift King Automotive Lifts

Elevate Your Garage with Lift King Automotive Lifts

Owning a supercar is a unique privilege, and every aspect of its care is important. A quality lift isn’t just about storage; it’s about optimizing space and ensuring your vehicle’s safety. With Lift King and Garage Frontiers, you can ensure your prized possession gets the treatment it deserves.

Why Choose Lift King?

Celebrating 15 years of exceptional service and top-quality products, Lift King has etched a significant mark in the automotive lift industry. Being the largest distributor in North America, Lift King has grown its legacy through unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction and sheer product quality. What makes them truly special is their foundation – a family-owned, proudly Canadian entity that prioritizes delivering value rather than just making a sale. Unlike many competitors, Lift King isn’t merely reselling US products at higher prices. Instead, their objective is crystal clear: bringing high-quality lifts to Canadians at reasonable prices.

The Stalwart: The 4-Post Automotive Lift

Now, if you’ve ever set foot in an auto repair shop, a car showroom, or even an enthusiast’s home garage, you’ve likely encountered the iconic 4-post automotive lift. It’s the mainstay for car service and storage worldwide. Mechanics rave about its high lift capacities, its stellar grip engaging at the vehicle’s wheels, and the unrestricted access it provides to a vehicle’s underside.

But it’s not just for the pros. Home garage enthusiasts adore the 4-post lift for its robustness and the fact that some models don’t need floor mounting, allowing easy disassembly when moving. Depending on your car type, vehicle clearance needs, or whether you wish for a permanent mount, there’s a Lift King model for you. And when we talk about sturdiness, take the Pro King 14/4, for instance. This beast can lift up to 14,000 pounds!

Options to Match Every Need

Lift King ensures its lifts cater to varying requirements. Available in two sizes, they’re tailored to fit diverse vehicle dimensions. Designed for easy use and maintenance, these lifts also offer mobility within your garage through a simple removable caster system. And for those who love aesthetics as much as functionality, Lift King doesn’t disappoint with a selection of five colours. Plus, operating off 110 power, it caters to most standard electrical setups.

Rest assured, when you invest in a Lift King product via Garage Frontiers, you’re backed by a solid 5-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty on the structure. Made and serviced right here in Alberta, it’s local quality you can trust.

Maximize Your Floor Space

Think of it – double the vehicle storage without compromising on your floor space. It’s not just a lift; it’s a solution for smart homeowners. And if you’re pondering about space constraints, we’ve got you covered. Not sure if the Pro King 8 will fit your garage? Reach out to us for a consultation. You’ll be surprised at how space-efficient and cost-effective these lifts can be compared to other storage solutions.

Elevate Your Garage Experience

At Garage Frontiers, we believe in offering the best to our clientele. Lift King’s line of automotive lifts encapsulates our ethos of quality, reliability, and impeccable customer service. To learn more or to discuss the best fit for your garage, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 780-463-2808 or drop us an email.

Remember, it’s not just about parking or storage; it’s about transforming your garage into a realm of possibilities. Let Garage Frontiers and Lift King guide you there.

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