Home Gym Flooring

Home Gym Flooring

If getting to the gym is half the battle, then give yourself a leg up and set up your own home gym!

A home gym is a perfect place to get some exercise, build muscle, let off steam in the comfort of your own home. High quality, shock-absorbing home gym rubber mats, rubber rolls and rubber tiles reduce the impact on the existing floor surface and absorb some of the sound generated from exercise equipment.

  • Gator Floor gym rubber flooring is the ideal surface for any project offering resilience, sound absorption, spike resistance, traction, and cushion all in one product.
  • Gator Floor rubber gym mats are composed mainly of premium recycled scrap tires, making them truly eco-friendly.
  • Gator Floor rolled rubber flooring offers superior durability, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Gator Floor rubber floor helps you save time and money: easy to clean and easy install.
  • Gator Floor rubber gym floors will not absorb moisture while still providing a slip-resistant surface.
  • Gator Floor rubber surfacing amalgamates the shock and sound insulating properties of rubber floors, offering a safe and user-friendly product.
  • Gator Floor rubber sports floors help cushion the fall of heavy items such as dumbbells and barbells, protecting both the equipment and the flooring from damage. This superior cushioning provides a high level of comfort, allowing running, exercising, or even standing to be much easier on the body.
  • Gator Floor is CrossFit approved! Designed for the toughest training, it is perfect for The Box!

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