3 flooring options for your fitness area

3 flooring options for your fitness area

3 Types of flooring that are suitable for your fitness area
What is the best type of flooring for a fitness area? This is a common question for many homeowners looking for fitness flooring for their home gym. The answer to this question depends on your specific use. We’ve created this guide below to help you choose an ideal flooring that will enhance your specific workout.

Weight lifting, plyometrics, and high-impact workouts
For workouts that require heavy weights or a maximum force of exertion, you want a floor that can handle the impact and is cushioned to protect you from injury. Rubber flooring boasts many advantages for a home gym where weight lifting, plyometrics, and high-impact workouts are common. You can choose from various thickness options and different formats to suit your space:

  • Pre-cut rolls to cover a large area, ideally a basement or garage
  • Interlocking tiles for a smaller area or designated room
  • Mats that can cover larger areas but are more portable than rolls

Yoga, Pilates, stretching, and light exercise
Foam is one of the most comfortable fitness flooring options for floor-based workouts. This type of flooring can also double as a play area for small children and is highly portable for different uses. PlaySafe SoftLOC is interlocking foam tiles that can come in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs to match the aesthetic of your home.

Sled push/pulls and sports conditioning
Mobility exercises, cardio, and athletic conditioning are best done on artificial turf. GatorFIT gym turf consists of SuperSOFT fibre that provides a smooth surface for sleds and other equipment to glide while absorbing impact and comfort. GatorFIT gym turf doesn’t have to come in the standard green that are commonly found in commercial gyms. You can play it up and match your style by choosing from different colours including red, purple, black, blue, white, yellow, and grey.

Mixing different gym flooring
Most people like to mix up their home workouts to include all of the above. If you have space, don’t be afraid to create areas or zones with different flooring options for different fitness applications. It creates a natural flow in your home gym and can result in a more efficient, optimized workout.

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