Patio, walkway and pool deck coatings

Patio, walkway and pool deck coatings

Flexstone membranes are without a doubt the most durable sundeck coatings on the market today. Flexstone was originally formulated for use on ski-resort decks as a membrane that could hold up to brutal weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.

The coatings’ unprecedented success led to an expansion to other industrial markets like vehicle parkades, industrial flooring, and ship decks. Because Flexstone was able to handle vehicle traffic, dramatic temperature fluctuations, and heavy foot traffic – we decided to cater to the sundeck coatings market.

On a typical residential sundeck, Flexstone will last indefinitely. We know this because it passed the difficult trials associated with it’s former applications (the ship decks, ski resorts, and parkades mentioned before).

  • Fully CCMC Approved
  • Approved for flat roofs & decks
  • Lasts decades in harsh winters
  • Luxurious Finish Options
  • 100% Seamless & waterproof
  • Adheres to nearly any surface
  • Restores old membranes
  • Designed for heavy traffic

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